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CyberSecurity Newsletter | May 2019


Who knew that cybercriminal organizations behave just like honest organizations? Find out more in this month’s #Cyberblog In this Issue: The Business of Cybercrime | Microsoft Outlook Email Accounts
Compromised | The Marriott Data Breach Update | Firefox Send – A Must Have Extension | Introducing Backstory: A New Cyber Security Tool for Business

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4 Reasons RV Life is Popular Vacation Choice

comic of rv

RV travel has grown in popularity and is quickly becoming the vacation of choice as more and more people are discovering the advantages of RV travel. It’s true that RV’s may cost more when it comes to gas, but the advantages and other savings far outweigh the additional gas expenditure.

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Dirt Bikes – Off-Road Fun

dirt bike insurance

We’re often asked if insurance policies for dirt bikes are the same as for motorcycles. The short answer is “No” they’re not. They are actually two completely different vehicles when it comes to insurance. This is mainly due to the fact that dirt bikes are not really considered street legal even though you can purchase…

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LWWW | March 2019

we love spring

Inside this Issue: Get a Quote 5 Reasons Why Spring is Delightful Hurricane Go Boxes [Download Checklist] Spring is the Perfect Time to Do A Home Energy Check 5 Reasons Why Spring is Delightful Spring is a great time of year. Chances are that you agree and don’t need any convincing. Just in case you…

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CyberSecurity Newsletter | March 2019

google password extension

Inside this Issue: Get a Business Quote Google Chrome Extension Detects Unsafe Passwords Looking at PNG Images on Your Android Phone Can Get You Hacked 2019 Tax Scams Targeting Your Small Business Online Market for Cyber Criminals Shut Down Equifax – 17 Months Later Google Chrome Extension Detects Unsafe Passwords Data breaches compromising usernames and…

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Success Stories | Tampa Bay Watch

ARCW insurance

Listen in while our staff sits down with Peter Clark, President of Tampa Bay Watch. The discussion covers Tampa Bay Watch’s unique challenges as a non-profit, their impact on conservation and restoration activities in Tampa Bay, and how hurricanes affect what lies under the water line. About Tampa Bay Watch: Environtmental Stewardship in Action Tampa…

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Hurricane Watch 2019

hurricane damage

A deep dive into hurricane predictions and what data meteorologists draw from when preparing their predictions for Florida Hurricane Season.

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CyberSecurity Report | February 2019

apple group chat bug

Inside this Issue: Get a Business Quote Apple and the Facetime Bug Google Fined $57,000,000 for GDPR Violations Cybersecurity in 2019 – What Should We Expect? Anatomy of a Scam Cybercrime is Costing You Money   Apple and the Facetime Bug The statement “Group FaceTime chats allowed people to eavesdrop on anyone they called, a…

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What’s In Your Home?

living room inventory

If someone asked you to name all of the items in your home, could you?  Probably not. There are just too many items to think of all at once.  If you were asked what their worth was, you’d be just as stumped, right? That’s why you need a thorough home contents inventory list. Homeowner insurance…

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