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The Importance of Key Person Insurance

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Think about it… every successful business you know has a key person (or persons) in place that can be credited as being a major component of the company’s success. The company can be of any size, from two employees to an infinite number.  It doesn’t matter. For a business to be a success there will…

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Small Business Insurance 101

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Small businesses are fortunate that they can purchase a business insurance policy that groups a number of coverages into one package. One type of this insurance is called a “Businessowners Policy (BOP)”. This common policy includes all major property and liability insurance and much more, including business interruption coverage. Interruption coverage kicks into gear after…

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Workers’ Compensation – It’s Older Than You Think!

workers compensation history

A Walk Through History The first signs of insurance coverage dates back to China in 3000 BC when merchants saw the need to protect their investments against loss. Insurance continued throughout the ages and became more diversified as different needs became apparent. For example, we credit the Romans with creating health insurance (via guilds) around…

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The Changing World of Medical Malpractice Insurance

Medical Malpractice Insurance, often referred to as Professional Liability Insurance, is something that every healthcare professional must carry to be protected in our litigious society. Up until this summer, there was a cap in place limiting the amount of damages for pain and suffering that could be awarded in malpractice cases. Let’s step back for…

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Intellectual Property – The Big Ticket Asset of the 21st Century

copyright protection

The following piece is not exhaustive and should be read as an overview. For more information, consult legal counsel.  It’s your idea…it originated in your brain. So it’s your asset and you’re protected, no matter what, right? Maybe yes, maybe no. A lot depends on the type of commercial insurance protection you carry. When it…

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Prevent Employee Theft in Your Office

employee theft

Your organization should always be alert to possible employee theft, but more so during rough economic periods. During these periods, many employees are financially burdened, and normally honest individuals may be tempted to commit theft from their employer. This is even more of a risk if your company is also struggling, particularly if you have…

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Professional Malpractice Liability for Attorneys

  Professional legal liability insurance covers liability for damages arising from the rendering of or failure to render professional or legal services. Protect yourself and your firm from claims not covered by your commercial general liability coverage. Professional liability insurance, also referred to as professional indemnity insurance, protects lawyers against negligence claims made by their…

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Employed Lawyers’ Professional Liability Coverage

legal professional malpractice insurance

The adage “You can be sued for anything these days” may be all too familiar for attorneys. However, many in-house attorneys fail to purchase Employed Professional Liability Coverage to protect themselves against potential lawsuits. Even though most claims are brought on by clients, employed lawyers are also subject to suits from third parties, such as…

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State Employment Laws: Worker’s Compensation – Employer Responsibilities


Workers’ compensation is a system of no-fault insurance that provides wage replacement and medical benefits to employees for accidental work-related injuries. The Florida Workers’ Compensation Law (FWCL) defines employer responsibilities in the workers’ compensation program. The Florida Division of Workers’ Compensation (FDWC) monitors compliance for these requirements throughout the state. Coverage Requirements Florida law requires…

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Understanding the Value of Surety Bonds


Check out our follow up to this post: Surety Bonds in Action : Ulmerton Road which discusses how a surety bond had to get to work when the contractor ditched this government project. The way project owners evaluate and manage risks on construction projects and make fiscally responsible decisions to ensure timely project completion are…

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