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Dirt Bikes – Off-Road Fun

dirt bike insurance

We’re often asked if insurance policies for dirt bikes are the same as for motorcycles. The short answer is “No” they’re not. They are actually two completely different vehicles when it comes to insurance. This is mainly due to the fact that dirt bikes are not really considered street legal even though you can purchase…

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Teen Graduation – Time to Buy a Car?

teen first car insurance

  Graduation is just around the corner. And what’s tops on your teen’s wish list? You guessed it – a car! But what a daunting thought. What should you do? Should you pass down ownership of the family car? Should you shop for a used car? If yes, which ones? Coupes? SUVs? Chances are your…

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It’s Vintage…It’s Collectible…It’s Unique…And it’s Yours!

rear view of a classic car

It could be your dream car. Or it could be the motorcycle or vintage truck that your friends envy. Bottom line is that it’s a classic vintage vehicle and it deserves special attention. After all, if possible you park it safely and securely in your garage while leaving your “everyday” ride in the driveway at…

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What you need to know about Commercial Liability for Autos

man talking on a phone by the beach

If you own a car you are familiar with liability insurance as it’s the most common insurance purchased and is required by most states. The same is true for commercial policies. Commercial liability insurance is broken up into two different areas of coverage: bodily injury and property damage. Its purpose is to protect you from…

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Teenagers Behind the Wheel

checking rear view mirror

You’re the parent of a teenage driver…it can be nerve wracking to say the least. The confidence that your teenager has become a confident driver hasn’t happened yet. And if nerves aren’t enough, your auto insurance premium may have taken a hit. In general, insurance for teen drivers is more expensive than for older drivers.…

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Enjoy Your ATV

fun atv insurance

  All Terrain Vehicles (ATVs) are popular in Florida. After all, the weather is ideal most of the year and there are plenty of wonderful trails to enjoy.  In Florida, the Department of Motor Vehicles ( states that ATVs are not licensed for highway use and are meant to be used only off the state’s…

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It’s Raining – Grab an Umbrella

umbrella insurance

When it’s raining outside, you grab an umbrella. Why? To protect your clothing, hairstyle and anything you might be carrying from getting wet and potentially ruined. Why would you treat the protection of your property or assets any differently? Don’t let the “thunderstorms” come without protection – consider purchasing a personal umbrella insurance policy. After…

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Motorcycle Insurance Clarified

motorcycle insurance

When it comes to motorcycle insurance, the waters can get muddy and confusing, especially here in Florida. Most states’ automobile and motorcycle insurance policies are similar in coverage. Florida is unique in that motorcycle and automobile insurance is dissimilar. It’s confusing to say the least. Let’s try to clear it up a bit. First and…

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Is Your Vehicle Protected from a Hurricane?

car insurance hurricane

You’re watching TV and the local weatherman breaks into the regular programming to alert viewers that Tropical Storm John Doe has turned into Hurricane Harvey and that it’s going to be a doozy! You’ve heard this before and you know the drill. You “batten down the hatches”, you’ve already stocked up on supplies like water,…

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Travel Matters – Pets

pet travel insurance

If you are travelling this summer in an RV and bringing your pets along, you won’t be alone!  According to the Recreational Vehicle Industry Association’s survey, 22 million RVers will hit the road this summer, and 60% of those RVers travel with pets.  As you make your road trip plans and map out your adventures,…

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