ARCW Cybersecurity Report | March 2018

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Cybersecurity Threats – One-Two-Punch

Cybersecurity attacks are becoming more and more diverse. Remember when hospitals and banks were the hot targets? Today anyone and any business is fair game. The Business Observer recently published an article focused on protecting your company from cybersecurity threats. Author Brian Hartz quotes former federal prosecutor, now co-chair of a cybersecurity practice as saying that today “the perpetrators of hacks are looking for soft targets.” Soft targets are industries that heretofore haven’t worried about and thus haven’t had protections in place.

Cyberthreats are evolving with something being referred to as the one-two-punch where the attack “may look like one thing, but it’s really a means to an end.” Read the full article at

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Cybercrime at Large Public Events

Did you attend the SuperBowl or the Olympics? If you were lucky enough to see either in person, chances are that the last thing on your mind was staying safe from cybercrime. Think about it… cybercrime can sneak up on you at any large public gatherings like sporting events, Mardi Gras, concerts, etc. The list goes on.

The SSL Store published a blog offering five safety tips for avoiding cybercrime. Their focus was on the then upcoming Super Bowl, but you’ll find it applies to any major event. To read the whole article, click here. Go to the article to read the tips with additional information. Following are the tips in condensed form:

  1. Only Download Apps from official marketplaces
  2. Don’t root or jailbreak your phone (see article for more about this)
  3. Keep your Wi-Fi radio off
  4. Don’t connect to public Wi-Fi
  5. Enable your built-In security features

Cybercrime Pandemic

How much do you think cybercrime cost the world last year? According to a report, the answer is $600 Billion. Yes, billion. And that was just last year. Cybercrime is becoming a pandemic and that figure is going to continue to rise.

The report talks about how cybercrime is the only criminal enterprise that has a “help desk” meaning that criminals don’t need to be technically trained anymore and can easily conduct cyberattacks as conducting criminal activity in cyberspace has gotten much easier.

Click on the image below to hear the report.

The Rise of Ransomware

Undoubtedly, you’ve been hearing more and more about ransomware. What exactly is it? By definition it’s a type of malicious software designed to block access to a computer system until a sum of money is paid. Originally it was directed towards individuals, but like all cybercrimes, it’s learning and growing and soon targeting businesses as well.

For a quick history and explanation of ransomware, go to You’ll find it interesting!


Cybersecurity and Florida

Cybersecurity issues are on everyone’s minds these days. And for good reason.

The Florida Center for Cybersecurity released its first State of Cybersecurity in Florida report. They sent out a press release saying that the report is “a comprehensive review of the state’s cyber threat environment.” Sri Sridharan, director of the Florida Center for Cybersecurity  stated, “We believe there is a much-needed shift taking place, with organizations that traditionally may have been reactive when it comes to cybersecurity now becoming proactive.”  To read the full report, go to

Florida Tech cites that cybercrime “doesn’t distinguish between individuals, which means business owners and consumers alike must understand predictions for 2018 to support vigilance against cybercrime and foster awareness of where and how personal and professional accounts can provide risk. Florida Tech lists six cybersecurity trends to expect in 2018 to read about the trends.

This information is not intended to be exhaustive nor should any discussion or opinions be construed as professional advice.  Should you have any questions or would like to discuss your risk exposure with your company’s cyber insurance, please contact the insurance pros at ARCW Insurance.  We are here to help.