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Keep Things Safe Around the Marina | Boat Insurance Agency

Creating a safe environment around the marina is no accident. Each person must do his or her part to ensure things are done safely and unnecessary hazards are eliminated.  As your boat insurance agency, we are providing you, our customers, the following “Safety Measures” article designed to keep you and your family safe while out enjoying our beautiful Florida waters.



Gas offered on the water creates a big draw for a marina, but it can also lead to problems if fueling is handled incorrectly. When dealing with fuel near the water, remember to:

  • Make sure the boat engine is stopped and any lighting or cooking devices are turned off before fueling. Also, check that none of the boat’s occupants are smoking.
  • Make sure all compartments, covers and hatches are closed before fueling. After fueling, open them up to release any vapors.
  • Always remove portable fuel tanks from the boat and fill them on the dock.
  • Always keep the pump nozzle within the tank while filling.
  • Always inform the captain or marina attendant to begin proper clean up procedures immediately if there is a fuel spill.


Heavy boat traffic, electrical currents from damaged power sources and possible fuel leaks are just some of the dangers that harbors and marinas present to swimmers. Keep people safe by keeping them out of the water.

  • Follow all “no swimming” signs as posted.
  • Warn your guests of the risks involved with swimming in the area.
  • If swimmers are present, cautiously maneuver your boat away from them.

Electrical Hookups

Many boats make use of marina-supplied power while docked. If improperly used, power sources cannot only create a fire hazard but also a chance to pass electrical currents into the surrounding water.

  • Only connect to power sources using cords approved for marine use. Never use regular extension cords.
  • Use cords that allow enough slack for boat movement.
  • Never use damaged cords.
  • Never leave unused chords plugged into power sources.


Maneuvering around the marina can be a tight fit.  Keep these tips in mind:

  • Whether traveling in forward or reverse, never operate above an idle.
  • If the wind, current or your own speed is hampering your landing attempt, pull back out and try again as needed.
  • Put out any fenders or bumpers to protect the boat from hitting the pier or other boats while docked.

Stay Aware

Make the marina a safer place by always being on the lookout for potential hazards. If you see something that may present a problem, inform your captain or marina attendant of your concerns immediately.

As your boat insurance agency, we here at ARCW Insurance urge you to use caution while out enjoying the beautiful Florida waters, after all, that’s why some of us live here!



This information is not intended to be exhaustive nor should any discussion or opinions be construed as professional advice.  Should you have any questions or would like to discuss your risk exposure with your boat insurance, please contact the insurance pros at ARCW Insurance.  We are here to help.