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Live Well – Work Well with ARCW | May 2018

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boat access ramps

The Sports Fish Restoration – Boat Access Program

This highly successful program is a “user pays, user benefits” program whose main goal is to improve boating opportunities. Federal funds are collected from taxes on fishing tackle and motor fuels and on import duties on tackle and yachts. These funds are then returned to state agencies for research, management and activities that deal with sport fishing and boating access.

15% of the funds are required to be spent on building and repairing boat ramps that are open to the public at no charge. Some are even open 24 hours a day.

For more information on this program, go to

Florida Freshwater Rules and Licenses

Did you know?   Florida is the fishing capital of the world!  According to the Florida Freshwater Fishing Regulation website it is and it’s striving to be the Bass fishing capital of the world too! Check out the new regulations that went into effect on July 1, 2017. The 2017-2018 Florida freshwater fishing laws and regulations are available on their website at .

And, when you’re on their website, check out fishing tips from the pros in their site’s “Features” tab.



Brandon Reeder Brandon Reeder, Personal Lines Insurance Consultant

Brandon has been with ARCW since 2011 and specializes in insuring specialty times – like a recent French Horn a client insured.  During his interview, we asked Brandon about his best insurance savings tip.

Q: What is your favorite ice cream?
A: Candy Kitchen’s Orange Pineapple

Q: What is your favorite holiday?
A: St. Patrick’s Day (he’s Irish)

Q: What is the one thing that you cherish that is insured?
A: My spear fishing tools

Q: You’ve been at ARCW since 2011.  What is the one piece of money savings advice you wish all your clients knew about?
A: Longevity with a company is really your best discount.  Bouncing around from insurer to insurer costs you a lot in premiums and you miss out on some of the deepest discounts that only loyal customers get to take advantage of.



classic cars

Autos on Display – For Charity!

Spring brings some great auto shows to Florida, all for a great cause! Pack up the family and take a weekend trip. You’ll see a lot of great antique and classic cars and also be helping some charities at the same time.




body's internal clock

Spring, Daylight Savings Time and Your Health

It’s been a few weeks since daylight saving kicked in. Hopefully, most of us have made the adjustment (I haven’t). But if you are still finding it difficult to make the one-hour change, don’t feel alone. According to CBS News, the “spring forward” time change is more difficult than the “fall back” time change in November. In fact, they reported that it could have a serious impact on your mood, appetite, and a multitude of other health issues.

It all boils down to our body’s circadian rhythm, which is known to influence bodily functions such as metabolism, physiologic and behavior changes. Two areas that might still be a bit “out of whack” are your mood and diet – both closely related to sleep deprivation.

Mood and Productivity
It takes time for the body to adjust to going to sleep earlier. If you are still combating time change sleeplessness, go back to your regular sleep routine and then begin going to bed 15 minutes earlier every few days until you’re into the new sleep schedule. Also, keeping your bedroom cool and dark will help ease sleeplessness.


Sleep deprivation affects hormone levels in the body, which often lead to caving into cravings and potentially overeating. Sleep deprivation can also increase your body’s insulin resistance, resulting in your body storing more calories as fat.

What to do?
Dr. Charles Czeisler, chief of sleep medicine at Brigham and Women’s Hospital offered some easy tips to reset your body’s clock in a recent interview on CBS News.

  • Expose yourself to more light, ideally sunlight. Seeing light first thing after waking up can help reset your body’s clock.
  • Try not to nap during the day.
  • Avoid caffeine after lunch until your body has fully adjusted to the time change.

Reset your body’s clock and enjoy days with longer sunshine and warm weather!

 interland internet awesome

Summer, Children and the Internet

Most schools will close for summer break late next month. And that extra time often means children will spend more time enjoying their favorite video games and playing around exploring the Internet, which can sometimes lead to trouble.

Pavni Diwanji, VP of Engineering for Kids and Families at Google wrote a paper called “Be Internet Awesome: Helping kids make smart decisions online.” Diwanji’s paper uses the phrase “Be Internet Awesome” as a new way to encourage digital safety and citizenship by doing the following:

  • Be Internet Smart: Share with care
  • Be Internet Alert: Don’t fall for fake
  • Be Internet Strong: Secure your secrets
  • Be Internet Kind: It’s cool to be kind
  • Be Internet Brave: When in doubt, call it out

To help kids learn to be Internet responsible, Google created a free online game called Interland. It’s an adventure-packed game that puts the “key lessons of digital citizenship and safety into hands-on practice.”  The game is in a format that kids are familiar with and love. Interland takes place in an imaginary world of four lands where kids combat hackers, phishers, oversharers and bullies. The tagline is “Play your way to Internet awesome!”

Interland is available for free at the Chrome web store or play on the web.

This information is not intended to be exhaustive nor should any discussion or opinions be construed as professional advice.  Should you have any questions or would like to discuss your risk exposure with your family’s life insurance, please contact the insurance pros at ARCW Insurance.  We are here to help.