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Hurricanes and Your Business

a car parked out front of a boarded up business

Hurricanes are non-discriminating storms. They don’t care, or notice, if it’s your home or your business that they’ve targeting. The truth of the matter is that it can be even more devastating to have your business impacted by a hurricane, than your home. Think about it. Your business is not only your livelihood and passion;…

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ARCW Cybersecurity | July 2018

iot medical hacks

In this issue: Get a Cyber Quote Sexual Harassment Training Meets Virtual Reality Employees – The Biggest Cybersecurity Threat Florida Fostering Cybersecurity in State Agencies Medical Device Cyberattacks Biometric Authentication Sexual Harassment Training Meets Virtual Reality Sexual harassment cases have flooded the news for many months now. It’s evident that it’s a big problem that…

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Live Well – Work Well with ARCW | May 2018

In this issue: BOAT – Sports Fist Restoration & Boat Access Program AUTO – Auto Shows in May for Charity HEALTH – Spring, Daylight Savings Time and Your Health FAMILY – Summer, Children and the Internet Meet the Team – Brandon Reeder   The Sports Fish Restoration – Boat Access Program This highly successful program…

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The Importance of Key Person Insurance

man standing at event booth with laptop

Think about it… every successful business you know has a key person (or persons) in place that can be credited as being a major component of the company’s success. The company can be of any size, from two employees to an infinite number.  It doesn’t matter. For a business to be a success there will…

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Small Business Insurance 101

man writing on clipboard and inspecting boxes

Small businesses are fortunate that they can purchase a business insurance policy that groups a number of coverages into one package. One type of this insurance is called a “Businessowners Policy (BOP)”. This common policy includes all major property and liability insurance and much more, including business interruption coverage. Interruption coverage kicks into gear after…

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Workers’ Compensation – It’s Older Than You Think!

workers compensation history

A Walk Through History The first signs of insurance coverage dates back to China in 3000 BC when merchants saw the need to protect their investments against loss. Insurance continued throughout the ages and became more diversified as different needs became apparent. For example, we credit the Romans with creating health insurance (via guilds) around…

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What you need to know about Commercial Liability for Autos

man talking on a phone by the beach

If you own a car you are familiar with liability insurance as it’s the most common insurance purchased and is required by most states. The same is true for commercial policies. Commercial liability insurance is broken up into two different areas of coverage: bodily injury and property damage. Its purpose is to protect you from…

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CyberLiability Report | November 2017


Gone Phishing? Apparently, a lot of people have gone phishing and are now flooding your email inbox. Webroot Quarterly Threat Trends reported (on that nearly 1.4 million (yes, MILLION) phishing websites are created every month. That number seems almost unbelievable, but the sites aren’t all up at the same time, so the number is…

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The Changing World of Medical Malpractice Insurance

Medical Malpractice Insurance, often referred to as Professional Liability Insurance, is something that every healthcare professional must carry to be protected in our litigious society. Up until this summer, there was a cap in place limiting the amount of damages for pain and suffering that could be awarded in malpractice cases. Let’s step back for…

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