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ARCW Cyber | October 2018

medical device insecurity

Inside this Issue: Medical Device Insecurity | Poor Website Designs Could Result in Legal Action | Manage IoT Devices Like Employees | Homeland Security’s New Center to Combat Cyberthreats | 5 Important Healthcare Cloud Security Factors

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ARCW Cybersecurity | July 2018

iot medical hacks

In this issue: Get a Cyber Quote Sexual Harassment Training Meets Virtual Reality Employees – The Biggest Cybersecurity Threat Florida Fostering Cybersecurity in State Agencies Medical Device Cyberattacks Biometric Authentication Sexual Harassment Training Meets Virtual Reality Sexual harassment cases have flooded the news for many months now. It’s evident that it’s a big problem that…

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The Cybersecurity World Never Sleeps

Microsoft Cyber Attack

In this issue: Microsoft Cyber Attack Russian Hackers and Florida Elections Welcome to the World of Cryptojacking Stopping Hackers from Stealing ARCW – The experts in Cyber Insurance Update From Florida United Business Association(FUBA) Meet the Team – Amanda McGee It’s been busy in the cybersecurity world! Cybercriminals are popping out of the woodwork. It’s…

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ARCW Cybersecurity Report | March 2018


Cybersecurity Threats – One-Two-Punch Cybersecurity attacks are becoming more and more diverse. Remember when hospitals and banks were the hot targets? Today anyone and any business is fair game. The Business Observer recently published an article focused on protecting your company from cybersecurity threats. Author Brian Hartz quotes former federal prosecutor, now co-chair of a…

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Cybersecurity Best Practices for Seniors

senior cyber attack

Today’s retirees are tech savvy. Research shows that four out of ten people 65 and older have smart phones. And, 67% of that same demographic use the Internet. That makes this group a target for scammers and phishers. Protect Seniors Online ( published the National Cyber Security Alliance’s top cybersecurity best practices. They include: Create…

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Welcome to the 21st Century and Cyber Liability

professional liability

Professionals have a lot on their plates. And sometimes it’s too easy to overlook small details that could have a huge impact on your business, especially when it comes to insurance. This is especially true for professional liability insurance, a “must have” for ALL types of businesses that provide professional services. What exactly is professional…

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Cyberliability Report | October 2017

cyber scare avril lavigne

McAfee’s Most Dangerous Celebrity List Yes, you read that right. A dangerous celebrity list? McAfee, a leader in threat protection in the software industry for its antivirus, antispam and anti-malware software, released its 2017 list of the most dangerous celebrities, crowning Avril Lavigne with the number one spot. What’s this all about? McAfee’s research has…

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Biohacking, V2V, IoT… Welcome to today’s Cyber World

cyberliability and biohacking

Biohacking may just be the next big risk in the cyber world. Hackers have been using biohacking via microchip implants for a few years now. Remember the hacker that implanted the NFC chip in his hand and hacked Android smartphones, bypassing all security?

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