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Hurricane Go Boxes [Download Checklist]

a hurricane go box

Hurricanes in Florida are most active in August, September and October.  So don’t sit back and relax just yet – hurricanes can occur at any time during the season. Granted, we get plenty of notice when a hurricane is approaching, unlike tornadoes and other phenomena I grew up with (earthquakes). Having plenty of notice doesn’t…

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Hurricanes and Your Business

a car parked out front of a boarded up business

Hurricanes are non-discriminating storms. They don’t care, or notice, if it’s your home or your business that they’ve targeting. The truth of the matter is that it can be even more devastating to have your business impacted by a hurricane, than your home. Think about it. Your business is not only your livelihood and passion;…

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Countdown to Hurricane Season

2017 hurricane season

It seems like hurricane season just ended, doesn’t it? Well surprise! It’s just around the corner. 2018’s hurricane season begins on June 1. That’s about a month away. And actually, it’s less than a week away for preparation. Time’s a’ ticking! Become familiar with the different flood policies available and their wait times. Know the…

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On the Horizon: Spring Showers!


  You’re familiar with the saying “April showers bring May flowers”. Well, April showers can bring a lot more than just flowers – they can bring flooding. Sometimes lots of flooding. And that flooding can cause extensive damage to your home or business. Spring rains can be intense, especially here in Florida. You’ve seen the…

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Homeowners Insurance – Which Perils Are Covered and Which Aren’t

home insurance water damage

Do you know your insurance perils? Perils is a term used in the insurance industry meaning disasters. Almost all standard homeowner policies cover a long list of potential perils. After all, that’s the whole reason to have a homeowner’s policy. But be aware – not all perils are covered. Following are perils that the Insurance…

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What Insureds Need to Know About Insurance and Hurricanes

disaster readiness

(courtesy of  Print this page Here are the top five things policyholders need to understand about insurance and hurricanes: Hurricanedeductibles: Most homeowners’ insurance policies contain specific provisions related to damage caused by hurricanes, and a key feature is often higher deductibles for losses resulting from a hurricane. Under this provision, homeowners are responsible for…

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Is Your Vehicle Protected from a Hurricane?

car insurance hurricane

You’re watching TV and the local weatherman breaks into the regular programming to alert viewers that Tropical Storm John Doe has turned into Hurricane Harvey and that it’s going to be a doozy! You’ve heard this before and you know the drill. You “batten down the hatches”, you’ve already stocked up on supplies like water,…

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Condominium Owners Have Unique Coverage Needs


Chances are, if you own a condominium, you have both common and personal insurance needs. Normally, your condo association has a master policy that insures all of the property and common areas that are collectively owned by the unit owners. Yet, how do you cover the cost of damage caused by a kitchen fire or…

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Hurricane Season Threatens Flood Zones

street closed sign

According to the American Red Cross, almost 40 percent of all small businesses affected by a major disaster, such as a tornado, flood, earthquake or hurricane, do not reopen their doors because they were unprepared for the disaster. Therefore, it is necessary for business owners and managers to consider the fact that a natural disaster…

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