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Hurricane Go Boxes [Download Checklist]

a hurricane go box

Hurricanes in Florida are most active in August, September and October.  So don’t sit back and relax just yet – hurricanes can occur at any time during the season. Granted, we get plenty of notice when a hurricane is approaching, unlike tornadoes and other phenomena I grew up with (earthquakes). Having plenty of notice doesn’t…

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Live Well Work Well | August 2018

florida summer hydration

In this issue: How’s Your Corporate Culture? Bass for Dinner? A Happy Summer is a Hydrated Summer Are Bugs Bugging You? How’s Your Corporate Culture? We’ve all been hearing a lot lately about how corporate culture can make or break a business. Whether you are a business owner or an employee, this is a topic…

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Live Well – Work Well with ARCW | June 2018

  Pet Disaster Plans We love our pets – they’re an integral part of our family. The Humane Society has put together some great tips to help keep our pets safe during Hurricane season (and any other natural disaster that may befall us!). ID Collars and Tags: Make sure your pet has and ID collars…

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Demystifying Homeowners Insurance

what does flood insurance cover

What’s covered and what isn’t How well do you know what your homeowner’s insurance policy covers and what it doesn’t? In case you aren’t sure, we thought we’d take a few moments and talk about it. To start, let’s talk about hurricane vs. homeowner insurance, as hurricane season will soon be upon us. There’s a…

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On the Horizon: Spring Showers!


  You’re familiar with the saying “April showers bring May flowers”. Well, April showers can bring a lot more than just flowers – they can bring flooding. Sometimes lots of flooding. And that flooding can cause extensive damage to your home or business. Spring rains can be intense, especially here in Florida. You’ve seen the…

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Renters Insurance Considerations

renters insurance

What do you think your belongings are worth? Conducting a thorough home inventory might be an eye-opening experience since the value of your furniture, media collection, clothing, books and moveable appliances can really add up. Without coverage, replacing these items could be a real financial hardship. With renters insurance, you are covered. Plus, if you…

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Protect Your Home While on Vacation


If you’re planning a vacation, especially an extended one, there are many preparations you need to make before you leave. You need to determine your transportation, lodging, budget and itinerary for your trip. In the hustle and bustle of getting ready, do not forget to prepare your home to be safe and incident-free while you’re…

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