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Landlord Insurance – Protection You Need

landlord insurance protection

Are you a landlord? If you are, then you need to have landlord insurance! Now that we’ve said that, let’s start at the beginning. Landlords are people who own properties that they rent out. They could be annual rentals, or vacation rentals. Any dwelling you own that you collect money for qualifies you as a…

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Countdown to Hurricane Season

2017 hurricane season

It seems like hurricane season just ended, doesn’t it? Well surprise! It’s just around the corner. 2018’s hurricane season begins on June 1. That’s about a month away. And actually, it’s less than a week away for preparation. Time’s a’ ticking! Become familiar with the different flood policies available and their wait times. Know the…

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Demystifying Homeowners Insurance

what does flood insurance cover

What’s covered and what isn’t How well do you know what your homeowner’s insurance policy covers and what it doesn’t? In case you aren’t sure, we thought we’d take a few moments and talk about it. To start, let’s talk about hurricane vs. homeowner insurance, as hurricane season will soon be upon us. There’s a…

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Sinkholes, what are they?

house falling into sinkhole

If you live in Florida, you’re definitely aware of sinkholes and how destructive they can be to property. Sinkholes most often occur when water accumulates underground dissolving the bedrock and forming a void for whatever lies above it to sink into.

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Homeowners Insurance – Which Perils Are Covered and Which Aren’t

home insurance water damage

Do you know your insurance perils? Perils is a term used in the insurance industry meaning disasters. Almost all standard homeowner policies cover a long list of potential perils. After all, that’s the whole reason to have a homeowner’s policy. But be aware – not all perils are covered. Following are perils that the Insurance…

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What Insureds Need to Know About Insurance and Hurricanes

disaster readiness

(courtesy of  Print this page Here are the top five things policyholders need to understand about insurance and hurricanes: Hurricanedeductibles: Most homeowners’ insurance policies contain specific provisions related to damage caused by hurricanes, and a key feature is often higher deductibles for losses resulting from a hurricane. Under this provision, homeowners are responsible for…

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Unusual Property and Events Covered on Homeowners Policies

insurance coverage damage

  The best time to learn about what’s included in a basic homeowner’s insurance policy is before you have a claim. We’ve gathered the answers to the most common “Am I covered if…” questions about your homeowner’s insurance policy to help you to minimize any coverage surprises. What property and perils are excluded from my…

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Understanding the Value of Surety Bonds


Check out our follow up to this post: Surety Bonds in Action : Ulmerton Road which discusses how a surety bond had to get to work when the contractor ditched this government project. The way project owners evaluate and manage risks on construction projects and make fiscally responsible decisions to ensure timely project completion are…

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