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Hurricane Watch 2019

hurricane damage

A deep dive into hurricane predictions and what data meteorologists draw from when preparing their predictions for Florida Hurricane Season.

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Hurricane Go Boxes [Download Checklist]

a hurricane go box

Hurricanes in Florida are most active in August, September and October.  So don’t sit back and relax just yet – hurricanes can occur at any time during the season. Granted, we get plenty of notice when a hurricane is approaching, unlike tornadoes and other phenomena I grew up with (earthquakes). Having plenty of notice doesn’t…

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Hurricanes and Your Business

a car parked out front of a boarded up business

Hurricanes are non-discriminating storms. They don’t care, or notice, if it’s your home or your business that they’ve targeting. The truth of the matter is that it can be even more devastating to have your business impacted by a hurricane, than your home. Think about it. Your business is not only your livelihood and passion;…

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Countdown to Hurricane Season

2017 hurricane season

It seems like hurricane season just ended, doesn’t it? Well surprise! It’s just around the corner. 2018’s hurricane season begins on June 1. That’s about a month away. And actually, it’s less than a week away for preparation. Time’s a’ ticking! Become familiar with the different flood policies available and their wait times. Know the…

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