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LWWW | February 2019

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Inside this Issue: Get a Quote Love Your Immune System With Food Make Your Lifestyle Eco-Friendly Small Business Branding Tips 7 Unexpected Benefits of Losing Weight Love Your Immune System With Food  Keep your year in full swing by staving off colds, the flu and other seasonal ailments. Foods can be your first line of defense…

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Live Well – Work Well with ARCW | May 2018

In this issue: BOAT – Sports Fist Restoration & Boat Access Program AUTO – Auto Shows in May for Charity HEALTH – Spring, Daylight Savings Time and Your Health FAMILY – Summer, Children and the Internet Meet the Team – Brandon Reeder   The Sports Fish Restoration – Boat Access Program This highly successful program…

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The Importance of Key Person Insurance

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Think about it… every successful business you know has a key person (or persons) in place that can be credited as being a major component of the company’s success. The company can be of any size, from two employees to an infinite number.  It doesn’t matter. For a business to be a success there will…

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Taking Responsibility for Your Retirement Fund

We all know that relying on pension funds and Social Security is no longer sufficient when planning for retirement. To help you plan, the IRS has published the following tips to help you take charge of saving for retirement: Set a goal: Even if you can only save a small amount, setting aside money each…

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Zika: Why Men Should Be Concerned Too

More athletes are avoiding competing in Brazil’s 2016 Olympics due to fears related to the Zika virus. Although the media has placed a high focus on the dangers for women who contract the virus, infectious disease experts agree—reproductively speaking—that men have the most reason for concern after visiting a country with a large Zika outbreak.…

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May is National Stroke Awareness Month


Every 40 seconds, someone in the United States has a stroke. Strokes occur when blood flow to the brain is blocked by a clot. The brain cells in the immediate area then begin to die because they are not receiving the oxygen and nutrients they need to stay alive.   Approximately 128,000 people die from…

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Sit Straight America – Food Borne Illnesses – Tanning for Minors | Feb16

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The Importance of Good Posture Posture is something that most people don’t think twice about. We tend to sit or stand in whatever way feels the most comfortable at the time. However, poor posture can wreak havoc on a person’s body, causing back and neck pain, muscle fatigue, digestive issues and even breathing problems. Many…

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Start Your Year Off In The Know About Your Caffeine


In Defense of Coffee Coffee has an unfortunate reputation for causing many health problems—from stunting your growth to claims that it causes heart disease and cancer. But, recent research indicates that coffee may not be so bad after all. For most people, the health benefits actually outweigh the risks. Why the change of heart? Earlier…

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Protect Your Home While on Vacation


If you’re planning a vacation, especially an extended one, there are many preparations you need to make before you leave. You need to determine your transportation, lodging, budget and itinerary for your trip. In the hustle and bustle of getting ready, do not forget to prepare your home to be safe and incident-free while you’re…

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