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Workers’ Compensation – It’s Older Than You Think!

workers compensation history

A Walk Through History The first signs of insurance coverage dates back to China in 3000 BC when merchants saw the need to protect their investments against loss. Insurance continued throughout the ages and became more diversified as different needs became apparent. For example, we credit the Romans with creating health insurance (via guilds) around…

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Workers’ Compensation Insurance: An Overview


Workers’ compensation coverage pays benefits to workers injured on the job, including medical care, part of lost wages and permanent disability. It also provides death benefits to dependents of employees killed from a work-related accident. Workers’ compensation systems are different in every state, as individual statutes and court decisions have shaped the way they handle…

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Workers’ Compensation – What you need to know!

If you own a business, worker’s compensation insurance may well be one of the most important policies you have. After all, accidents happen no matter how hard you try to avoid them. And in Florida you are required to carry workers’ compensation coverage if you are in an industry other than construction and have four…

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