We love our boats! According to, 2014 saw over 87 million people participating in recreational boating in the United States. Today that number is most likely even higher! Your boat is fun, but it’s also an investment that need protection. We thought it would be prudent to present a Q & A with Chuck to answer some boat insurance queries.

Q   Is boat insurance required in Florida?

Chuck   No, but it certainly is recommended by all boat insurance agencies!

Q   Is all boat insurance the same?

Chuck   No. Small runabout boat insurance would most likely be priced similar to a car insurance policy.   Whereas a yacht’s policy would be priced more in line with a small home’s policy.

Q   Does my homeowners insurance policy automatically cover my boat?

Chuck   Yes and No. If your boat is really small and has no engine (or a very small engine), your homeowners policy will cover a small amount. But, when the boat costs over $10,000, your homeowner policy will not offer sufficient coverage.  Look at it this way: boats are unique and really have nothing to do with your home. The Insurance Information Institute (( suggests that boats should have their own policy.

Q   Can I bundle my boat policy with my home or auto insurance policy?

Chuck   Absolutely! And it could even save you some money! Check with your boat insurance agency to determine what discounts may apply.

Q   What is typically covered in a boat insurance policy?

Chuck    Liability. This is overage for bodily injury, property damage and physical damage to your boat and is the primary component of a boat insurance policy. However, you can add comprehensive to cover against theft, vandalism, fire or flood damage. Personal Property Coverage will cover your gear (fishing or sport), uninsured boaters and assistance if you need a tow.

Q   Can I put my insurance “on hold” during months that the boat will remain idle?

Chuck   Most policies allow suspension of coverage for designated periods of time. Check with your boat insurance agency to confirm that it’s available for your policy.

Q   Is there any way to save money on my boat insurance?

Chuck   Yes. Discounts are offered for safety features and for instruction classes.

This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to boat insurance questions. Contact ARCW to check out all of the options and coverage possibilities. And, enjoy your boat!

This information is not intended to be exhaustive nor should any discussion or opinions be construed as professional advice.  Should you have any questions or would like to discuss your risk exposure with your boat insurance, please contact the insurance pros at ARCW Insurance.  We are here to help.