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:  Lawyers Professional Liability Insurance

Whether you are a solo practitioner or a large law firm with more than 100 attorneys, we have the right policy for you, at the best price.
Simply put, Lawyers Professional Liability Insurance is there to help your firm survive a claim of an error or omission of duty by an attorney or employee of your firm, whether the claim is valid or not. Although it is not a required coverage for law firms to have, it is truly a prudent business decision to have in place. We want to work with professionals who know insurance is important for their firm, but want the best coverage at the best price.

Protecting your law firm – your life’s work

It only makes sense to protect what you’ve worked so hard to create… which is your law practice. All size firms and all areas of practice are at risk to face allegations of professional liability, in any given year. Claims activities against attorneys have steadily increased over the past two decades.

Valid or Not, You Need to Respond to Claims

With or Without Lawyers Professional Liability coverage, Claims Happen! With the correct coverage, your firm has the best chance of surviving the expense of a claim, whether it’s a Bar grievance or suit with damages. Even claims that are eventually dismissed or settled, can cost your firm money, time and a level of anxiety that the situation can bring. Lawyers Professional Liability Insurance helps to ease the burden of the monetary risk and assumes much of the responsibility to responding and defending against a claim.

Bottom line: Lawyers Professional Liability Insurance may be the smartest & most cost effective protection for your law firm’s future.

How much is your law firm worth to you, your partners & employees, their families and yours?


What are the most Common Causes of Lawyers Professional Liability Claims?

Is there anything that typically is not covered by a Lawyers Professional Liability policy?

Who does Lawyers Professional Liability insurance typically cover?

What amount of coverage should I purchase?

What size deductible should I carry?

How does Lawyers Professional Liability Insurance work?

What is a Retroactive Date and why is it important?

What is “extended reporting period” coverage?

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